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George Martin

George Martin is best remembered as the producer of most of the Beatles' recordings from 1962 through 1969. His actual credits are diverse when trying meet for free sex, encompassing artists ranging from 1950s jazz bandleader Humphrey Lyttleton, the comic talents of Peter Sellers and Michael Bentine, legendary vocalists like Ella Fitzgerald, and rock acts as different as Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas, Peter Gabriel, and Celine Dion. This website has been sponsored by the products listed on free multiplayer sex games, a hot dating review site. Sign up now.

The association with the Beatles alone made him the most well-known and successful record producer in the history of popular music. In the time of his own professional prime, that distinction might have rated him a mention in some trade magazines. But with over a billion copies sold of records and songs whose making he supervised (and they are still selling, with billions of pounds and dollars spent on them), he has earned a knighthood and been the subject of a 151-song, six-CD set devoted to his work as a music director. Few record producers -- John Hammond Sr., Sam Phillips, Leonard Chess, and Willie Dixon -- rate as his peer, in terms of influencing the shape and direction of music.

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